Uniforms & Insignia

Uniforms: The proper use of the scout uniform is an important part of the program of Troop 180. All scouts should have a complete uniform as soon as possible after joining the troop. Scouts should make a strong effort to keep the uniform clean and neat, maintain correct placement of badges and insignia, and the uniform must be worn properly at each meeting and outing, unless told by the Sr. Patrol Leader, Scoutmaster or Asst. Scoutmasters that different attire is needed.


The uniform policy for the troop is as follows:


  • Official Class “A” uniform shirt with properly attached patches, buttoned properly and tucked in.
  • Boy Scout hat (optional). Only the official BSA hat or hats from past BSA events may be worn during troop activities.
  • Scouts must wear a troop neckerchief. Exceptions are made for those who have earned the Eagle rank, who are members of the Order of the Arrow, who have attended National Jamboree or who have attended a National High Adventure Camp. These scouts may choose to wear the bolo tie of the respective rank or organization. The troop neckerchief should be secured with an approved slide.

Camping and Outings:

Class “A” uniform shirts must be worn to and from outing locations, unless otherwise specified by an adult leader. Once at the site, uniform shirts may be removed, if instructed to by an adult leader or junior leader. The type of outing is also a factor. For example, camporees tend to be more formal. Hence these may require a class A uniform for the entirety of the event.

Official Functions:

There are several functions that due to their importance to scouting, require a class A uniform. Some of these are: Courts of Honor; Scoutmaster Conferences; Boards of Review

  • Official Boy Scout shirt with properly attached patches and insignias, buttoned, and tucked in.
  • Troop neckerchief, with a proper slide, or designated bolo tie
  • If merit badges have been earned, merit badge sashes will be worn as prescribed by the junior leader in charge of the event.
  • Either Official Boy Scout pants or olive colored pants and a belt.
  • Order of the Arrow sashes will be worn only at an OA event. (You will be told when this is)
  • The troop will decide which headgear will be appropriate for each function. However, only those hats designated by the troop may be worn.

The handbook is an extremely important item for the scout as it contains invaluable information detailing his participation in the program as well as his personal progress. The handbook must be present at all meetings, outings, Scoutmaster Conferences, and Boards of Review. It should be with the scout for all scouting events.

Full Uniform:

The full scouting uniform is a requirement in some troops. Because of the cost, we have opted to go with a modified version of the full Class A uniform, as described above. However, there are some events in both the troop and functions outside the troop that require full Class A uniforms. Some of these are: Eagle Board of Review; Eagle Scoutmaster Conference; Eagle Court of Honor; Philmont travel to and from; National/World Jamboree. Exceptions can only be made with Scoutmaster or event leader approval.

Items that need to be added to the troops uniform to complete the ensemble include:

  • Official BSA slacks (possibly shorts for Philmont or Jamborees)
  • Official BSA socks
  • Official BSA belt (The troop may consider another scouting belt for Eagle events)