Popcorn Sales

It is that time again when Troop 180 ( along with most every other troop /pack / crew in the country) will be selling popcorn.
We will once again be doing table sales at Lowes in Marlboro and also at Quick Check in Englishtown.
We have also been approved to sell at Old Tennents coffee hour after Church.
So …..I need scouts to volunteer for the following time slots.
We do four hour time slots. No chairs will be allowed.  This is not that long and the scouts do not need to sit.  It does not look good while we are selling !
 Scouts must be in full class A uniform….NO GYM SHORTS ALLOWED ( the scout will be sent home if they arrive in gym shorts!) class b tshirt underneath their class A and also neckerchief.
Please check your calendars before committing to a date and time.  I will take volunteers on a first come , first email ( HEHE) basis.
Saturday Sept 6th – 8:00-12:00
Saturday Sept 6th – 12:00 – 4:00
Sunday Sept  7th –  8:00 – 12:00
Sunday Sept 7th – 12:00- 4:00
We need ONE more adult for each time slot.  Again adults will be taken on a first come basis.  Please understand that if there are too many people in the area it looks bad and sales tend to drop.
I am confirming the Quick check time slots and will send out an additional email on that and the old Tennent coffee hour
Thanks guys and Happy selling!!!!