The troop typically plans one weekend campout a month, with the exception of July and August where we usually have two summer camp opportunities.

Planning for campouts is done by a combination of the scout leaders and the boys. The boys can be involved in:

  • Trip Selection
  • Menu Planning
  • Food purchasing (reimbursed by the troop)
  • Tenting arrangements (the buddy system is followed at all times – leaders and parents sleep in their own tents)
  • Who will cook and clean up

Adults arrange for their own menus, purchasing and cooking.

Transportation: While in transit to and from a campout, the scouts are required to wear their Class A uniform. We usually meet at Neff Chapel at 5:30 pm on Friday. The scouts usually return to Neff Chapel between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. It is the parent’s responsibility to either be there when they arrive or make delivery arrangements. It is very poor manners to make the transporting parent wait for you at the end of a long weekend. Driving arrangements are made with the help of the scoutmasters.

Equipment: A variety of equipment is used on each camp out. Upon return, each boy is given one or more pieces of gear to clean. Gear should be maintained promptly and returned at the next meeting.

Winter campouts: Winter campouts usually last a weekend and require proper equipment and knowledge for camping in the cold.

Summer camp: Summer camps usually last at least one (1) week (long-term camp), whether they are local camps or not. It is recommended that every new scout attend summer camp. This gives the new scout a major camp experience and allows for significant progress on rank and select merit badges.

Some camps may require a minimum age and/or rank such as Sea Base, Northern Tier, Bechtel Summit or Philmont.


All adults attending and/or transporting scouts to and from trips must have the following:

  • A completed Health Form (Parts A, B & C) on file (renewed/updated annually) (Required for attendance only)
  • Youth Protection certification (renewed every two years) – Available online
  • This is Scouting (Replaces New Leader Essentials) – Available online
  • Vehicle registered with troop
  • If attending the campout -A completed trip or activity form with fees paid prior to set deadline